Tourist-Free Rome

Rome is one of the most historically significant cities in the world and quite possibly the best European City for photography. Explore the Colosseum, The Forum, Ponte Sant’Angelo and more, while Elia shares tips on how to come away with great shots in the process. Simone Sbaraglia, the renowned wildlife photography travels all over the world but calls Rome his home. He shares how we can work towards conservation as the field of wildlife photography grows in popularity.

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Rome is one of the most fascinating and historically significant cities in the world and attracts visitors from all corners of the globe. The Eternal City is famous for its ancient architecture and there are so many outstanding locations to explore and photograph. Being such a famous city, Rome is also full of tourists, which can make it difficult to capture. In this episode, Elia shares some of his all-time favorite photo spots like The Colosseum, The Forum, Ponte Sant’Angelo and more, while describing how he shoots them and reveals how to beat the crowds and have the city all to yourself.

Tourism is a huge industry in Rome, and love it or hate it, it attracts massive crowds. Elia catches up with Julia Charity in Trastevere to discuss the impact of tourism and how a city like Rome can adapt as the numbers increase.

Aside from thousands of pigeons and seagulls, Rome isn’t known for its wildlife. But internationally renowned wildlife photographer, Simone Sbaraglia, still calls it home. Elia visits his studio and gallery to discuss what sets his photography apart and how he uses wide-angle lenses instead of telephoto to create a feeling of intimacy with the animals in his photographs. Simone has a wonderful perspective on wildlife photography and works very hard to educate the public about safe and non-destructive practices in nature. He shares his views on how we can preserve our beautiful planet for future generations.

Guest Photographers


Simone Sbaraglia

Learn more about Simone Sbaraglia

Simone Sbaraglia is a nature and wildlife photographer based in Rome. His work aims at highlighting the beauty, harmony and uniqueness of our planet, in the hope that it can be preserved for the future generations.

Most of Simone’s work concentrates on endangered species and ecosystems and his articles have appeared in many italian and international magazines. Simone’s photographs have won awards in countless international photography competitions and have been exhibited in Italy, France, USA and Canada.

When he is not traveling to the ends of the earth, Simone teaches photography, leads workshops and photo travels and gives lectures and presentations.