Moments In Time Francesco Gola (1)

Francesco Gola

Born in Italy, Pavia in 1981, when Francesco started taking pictures he immediately fell in love with the endless borders of the inner frame.

Photography is a source of inspiration that allows him to reveal the relationship between the outside world of Nature and the inside world of dreams, thoughts, emotions, desires and wishes.

It allows him to express himself with mental and emotional stimulation mixed with idea and vision and shape it into an art form. As a NiSi, f-stop Gear & X-Rite Ambassador, Francesco has a passion for the sea and for travels that let him visit some of the most iconic locations on this planet looking at them with different eyes.

While continuing to travel in search of new landscapes to be photographed, he now lives and works in Milan where he collaborates with companies, sites and magazines for the diffusion of photographic culture in Italy and in the world.