Yumiko Sugai

Yumi was born and grew up in east Tokyo where people took care of each other warmly. Her father worked for JNR, Japan National Railways, for more than 50 years, which took Yumi all across Japan by enjoying the family discount. This background eventually became an ideal training for her as a future tour guide. She majored in Chinese ancient literature and Chinese language in Waseda univ. & Qinhua univ. in Beijing. Yumi stayed in west coast of US, then started guiding in English & Chinese and teaching English back home. Yumi set up Kingfisher JAPAN KK in 2017 to introduce the essence of Japan through her sharp eyes. She specializes in Japanese art and literature, also is an expert of leading walking & trekking tours as well. As a distinctive storyteller, Yumi takes you an enjoyable time travelling during your stay in Japan.