Exploring Caves in Malaysia

In Episode 4, Elia blearily ventures to the rooftop of his apartment complex for sunrise only to find all the access points cut off and locked. After a few failed attempts he finds access to something even better than expected. Joining photographer Grey Chow, he climbs the controversially painted stairs and enters the Batu Caves, one of the biggest destinations in all of SouthEast Asia and epicenter of the unique genre of pigeon photography.

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In this episode, Elia strategically planned the accommodations to have an epic city view at sunrise all to himself. But after a very early wake up, things don’t quite go according to plan. Elia and team blearily venture through a maze of stairwells and abandoned hallways to find a path to the top, but sadly, they make it too late when the sun has already risen. Thankfully, they are able to return the next morning and the shot works out even better than originally planned–capturing all of Kuala Lumpur, with great leading lines and perfect blue hour light.

When the sunrise rooftop adventure is over, longtime friend and KL native Travel, Landscape and Astro Photographer, Grey Chow, takes Elia outside the city center to explore one of Malaysia’s biggest attractions and Unesco World Heritage Site, the Batu Caves. Freshly painted with controversy, they climb the 272 stairs to access this historic location during the midday sun to avoid the crowds and capture rays of light streaming into the cave from above. Watch as they use strange pigeon whispering skills to coax the birds into position after hours of waiting to capture the perfect frame. After a long day of waiting on birds, they head to Old Klang road for some cold beers and unique local street food.

Guest Photographers


Grey Chow

Travel, Landscape and Astro Photographer

Learn more about Grey Chow

Grey Chow is an award-winning travel photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Passionate in Nature Landscape and Astronomy photography.

His extensive portfolio of nature, architectural and landscape work is impressive and has published on different media in various countries.

He is also a writer and experienced educators that hosted various workshops, talks and photography tours. Some of them have collaborated with brands like Leica, Nikon, Epson, Sigma and Athabasca.