Best Tulip Photos In Amsterdam

What does a Pikachu onesie have to do with photographing tulips in Amsterdam? Find out in this fun-filled episode as Elia learns how to shoot the flower fields with Albert Dros before surprising Adrian Sommeling and Richard Terborg to a photography challenge. A local farmer describes the impact tourism is having on the tulip industry and how you can help to stop it.

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It’s tulip mania in the Netherlands and in this episode Elia flies to Amsterdam to explore and photograph some of the largest tulip fields in the world with local Dutch Photographer Albert Dros. They share some great photography techniques while shooting in endless rows of beautiful multi-colored flowers. Elia chats with a local tulip grower about the impact of tourism on the health of both the flowers themselves and the tulip and bulb trade industry. An epic sunset along the rows of tulips rounds out an awesome day.

Have you ever worn a Pikachu onesie? Well, it turns out that Elia’s friends and talented commercial photographers Richard Terborg and Adrian Sommeling had something devious planned for him when presented with a photography challenge in Amsterdam. Let’s just say that the results of Elia trying to be a model are hilarious, even without wearing the Pokemon costume.

Guest Photographers


Albert Dros

Landscape Photographer

Learn more about Albert Dros

Albert Dros is a 34 year old photographer from The Netherlands known for his extreme passion for landscape photography, always wanting to plan unique shots. Volcanos, Solar Eclipses, he’s done it all.

His work has been published in the biggest media channels in the world, like Time, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, National Geographic and so on. He is addicted to landscape photography and capturing the beauty of the world. Next to photography, he is specialised in design, motion graphics, video, audio, basically everything that has anything to do with media as he has a Master Degree in Multimedia & Entertainment technology.


Richard Terborg

Portrait & Fashion Photographer

Learn more about Richard Terborg

Richard is a Conceptual Fashion, Portrait and Fine-Art Photographer. His background in media and design helps his overactive brain keep up with the many things he does at the same time. Add a drive for getting people to ‘stop talking and start doing’, and you’ve got Richard Terborg in a nutshell.

His experience as a multimedia engineer gives Richard the sharpened ability of finding the most creative solution to every problem. By specializing in everything the media world has to offer, he taught himself the art of multitasking several ventures at a time… and rocking them.

Immersing himself into the world of photography is no different. His growing affinity for directing, producing, casting, arranging models, building sets, collaborating with other artists, to shooting and post-production makes continuously learning and growing within his craft a force of habit. His unconventional mixture of evocative and editorial photography makes working with him an experience you take with you on all your endeavors. Not to mention his highly contagious energy that will make you feel on a caffeine high without the caffeine.

However, a camera is just a camera. The people/clients he connects with and their stories are the drive behind the popularity of his work. High engagement with every person behind the camera makes the work in front of the camera seem effortless. The core of what he does goes beyond taking a photo: he tells a story through his images by bringing people together and motivating them to collaborate and create.


Adrian Sommeling

Learn more about Adrian Sommeling

Adrian Sommeling looks back with a slight nostalgia. His mother is an artist and thus laid the creative foundation for his working life. As a child he sat next to her at the table. With a drawing pad in front of him, sketching the first lines to be drawn from children’s drawings and soon to be copied from Don Lawrence’s beautifully illustrated comic books. The sketchbook was no longer adequate, canvas and airbrush took their place. In high school Adrian took his first steps towards the camera and also developed his own films in an improvised darkroom upstairs.

After this school period he went to work for an advertising agency and soon started working for himself. Nevertheless, photography continued to appeal to him and after more than a decade of success in the world of advertising, he started to concentrate on photography. The photographer Adrian Sommeling was born.