Exploring Hidden Tokyo

From the back alleys of old Tokyo to the infamous and wildly entertaining Robot Restaurant, episode 6 is non-stop entertainment. Giovanni Pilarvu shares his experience living in and photographing Tokyo and Elia has the chance to sit down with some of the heads of Fujifilm Digital Cameras.

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In this episode, Elia explores the Odaiba waterfront along with Giovanni Piliarvu, and photographs a lesser-known Tokyo landmark, the Rainbow Bridge, during blue hour. After that, Giovanni shares with us some of his favorite out of the way spots gained over the last decade of exploring Tokyo’s hidden back alleys.

In Japan, dinner and drinks with colleagues is pretty common and Elia joins some of Fujifilm's core team to discuss their stance on the constantly changing market of photography.

Before hopping the bullet train to Kyoto, Elia takes the team to experience the infamous and wildly entertaining Robot Restaurant in Tokyo’s Kabuki-cho area, where he is officially crowned the one true Robot King.

Guest Photographers

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Giovanni Piliarvu

Landscape, Festival and Street Photographer

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An experienced Tokyo based photographer, originally from Sardinia, Italy, Gio is at ease within the Italian and Japanese cultures. He enjoys both just as long as you don't put soy sauce on a pizza or you'll see him sweating cold! Landscapes, traditional Awaodori festivals and street photography are his cups of tea.

Living with a camera in his hand in Tokyo for more than ten years he can make anyone dangerously fall in love with it. Alleys, gardens, temples, crowded streets and hidden tunnels. What more can you ask for? Neon and lights all night long? There`s plenty of those as well!
Currently collaborating with exhibitions at the Island Gallery Tokyo, he has been featured by Sigma Japan, Canson/Maruman, and print publications in Japan and internationally.